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Mrs. Shauna Lopez » EDGENUITY



Classroom Rules and Procedures



  1. Be on task
  2. Be respectful
  3. Follow directions
  4. No food or drink in the lab. Twist top drinks are acceptable if kept on the floor.
  5. You must complete the course in the semester in which you were enrolled.
  6. Proper use of language is expected. Swearing or vulgar language is not appropriate.
  7. You must remain at your workstation during the entire class period. You are not permitted to wander around the classroom.
  8. The ONLY materials you will need at your desk are your notebook, pen/pencil, and/or Backpacks/purses need to be kept on the floor.


  1. Note taking is mandatory for ALL instruction in ALL classes.
  2.      Only Edgenuity open on your computer. Having other programs on will force your work to be reset and your grade to be docked.
  3.     At no time may a student use the lab computers to access games or other internet sites without direct permission from the teacher.
  4.        Edgenuity is a silent class, meaning there can be no discussion between students.


  1.    Entering the Room: Move quickly to your assigned computer, log in, check your Virtual Classroom Lobby and Organizer for email and announcements, and start your next activity.
  2.     Instruction: Have your headphones on, pay attention to the lecture, and TAKE NOTES.
  3.     Note Taking: Notes are required and a notebook must be kept daily and will be checked by your teacher before advancing you onto the next activity or receive a reset after failing 2 attempts.
  4.    Failing Quizzes and Tests: If you fail a Quiz or Test, raise your hand so I can review it. Some or all of your activities in that lesson or topic may be reset after failing an assessment. So use notes, study, and pass.
  5.     Work Until the Bell Rings. Teacher dismisses the class… not the bell.
  6.     Idle Time: Edgenuity keeps track of idle time and provides a detailed report of what you are doing every minute you are on or off the program. You will be held accountable for your time, so use it wisely.
  7.     Technology Use: If you don’t have your own headphones, you must check out a pair from the teacher every day.
  8.     Academic Integrity: There is a zero-tolerance policy cheating. This includes letting other people do your online work for you. If you violate the academic integrity policy, you will be required to start the ENTIRE UNIT/COURSE again, and you will receive zero credit for work you have already done.
  9.       When you are absent, you are still responsible for your performance and your progress.