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FAQ for parents regarding walk-out plan

There are a number of questions about what a potential walkout and school shutdown may look like and how it would impact our schools.  Please see below for frequently asked questions and answers.

Are the schools in Winslow closing for the #REDforED walk-out on Thursday, April 26th?

Yes.  After lengthy consideration, it was determined that there are too many unknowns to appropriately prepare to continue daily school operations. The safety and supervision of our students is a major factor in this decision. Many of you are conflicted about whether or not to walk-out. A district-wide closure will alleviate additional pressure among and between staff that could be harmful to long-term relationships.

When a school is closed, would the school year be extended?      

Yes. According to state laws and current policies, any day that a school is closed would have to be made up.

Would school closures affect graduation dates?

A closure would not affect the date of the graduation ceremonies; however, students may be required to come back after that ceremony to complete the school year, if the school year is extended due to a walk-out.  

Would school closures affect bus transportation?

Yes, no school, no busses.

When schools are closed, would athletic practices or games be cancelled?

Junior High, lower level high school and middle level athletics would be cancelled.  Varsity athletics would continue as long as a coach is available for the sport.  

When schools are closed, would school trips take place as scheduled?

No. If schools are closed, school trips would be cancelled unless approved by Superintendent.

If schools are closed for more than one day, how often will I receive communication?

Parents can expect daily communication during a school closure.

When school is closed, do I have to call him/her out sick?

You are not required to call a child out as sick.

What support will the District offer to our families?


When the walk-out occurs, the only way to ensure the safety and well-being of our students is to close our schools. We are notifying families and asking parents to make a plan for alternate arrangements for their children during that time. The District will not have staff to provide any services at the school site.  The District could not verify outside resources, so would not be able to make any recommendations for child care options, or any services not directly provided by the District.

We will be offering breakfast and lunch at Bonnie Brennan, Jefferson, and Winslow High School during the walk-out.

            Breakfast from 7:30 am to 8:30 am

            Lunch from 11;15 a, to 12:15 pm