Hello and welcome back! So many new things to talk about! WHS has invested in many new eBooks for you, and you are still able to pick up a print book from the WHS library. Instructions on how to do that are in the videos or, if preferred, written instructions are also linked below. We have tons of new books, both electronic and paper, that I cannot wait for you all to start reading! If you have recommendations or requests, please let me know. I work hard to get everything you desire for an enjoyable reading experience. 
Instructions on how to checkout a book at this time are in the links below.
We have also partnered with the Navajo County Libraries to bring you more eBooks! Please fill out this permission link and search all the books available to you:
I miss you all. If there is anything you need, or simply want to chat, call, email, or join an early morning Zoom meeting, I'm here for you. Stay safe and know that we all care about you!
Mrs. Molly Jackson