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Graduation Requirements

Winslow High School Graduation Requirements



Credits Required







Social Studies


Career & Technical Education (CTE)




Total Credits Needed:


*Please note that colleges and universities may have other course requirements


Note to College – Bound Students

  • Discuss college with your counselor. Borrow college catalogs from the guidance office. Utilize your AzCis account for up to date information on colleges and universities.
  • Attend meetings at school with college representatives. Be familiar with required admission tests, financial aid, scholarships and application procedures
  • Attend the Northern Arizona Regional College Night in the fall semester.
  • Visiting colleges is the best way to learn about that institution and their offerings.
  • Write to the colleges of your choice for applications for admission, scholarship and housing information, and a general catalog. All information can be found on the institution’s website.
  • To apply for scholarships or financial aid, see your guidance counselor in September of your senior year or earlier. All scholarship information is posted through your AzCIS account. Make sure to utilize the scholarship search engine and scholarship list
  • To attend an out-of-state institution, secure information for admission requirements early in your high school career. This improves your chance of being accepted at the college of your choice. If interested in attending an out-of-state college or university, you should follow the requirements stated in the catalog of the school you plan to attend.


Entrance Requirements for Arizona Universities

General Requirements:

 Students must meet the aptitude requirement with a minimum 3.0 GPA in the core curriculum (16 courses) OR rank in the upper 25 percent of their high school graduating class OR achieve required standardized test scores on the ACT (22) or SAT (1040). CORE Course Requirements

  • English – four credits
  • Social Studies – three credits
  • Mathematics – four credits (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, plus one credit for which Algebra II or advanced Algebra is a prerequisite)
  • Laboratory Science – three credits (biology, chemistry, physics, earth science)
  • Foreign Language – two credits in the same foreign language
  • Fine Arts or CTE – one credit