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SPAN 1 & SPAN 2 Edgenuity Instructions

Students remaining online 2nd Quarter, beginning October 12, 2020:
1. Students are enrolled in an Edgenuity course:
                           a. Go to
                           b. Student Login
                                  i. Username: School email [email protected]
                                 ii. Password: Full Date of Birth (mmddyyyy)
2. Attendance will be taken by whether or not you log into Edgenuity
                          a. If you log in on the school day, you will be marked present
                          b. If you do not log in on the school day, you will be marked absent
3. Grades will be recorded each week and determined by:
                          a. Your progress/percent completion
                          b. Your overall grade
4. You are responsible to complete the course by the end of the quarter to receive credit for class
5. If you have Edgenuity questions/issues please contact Mrs. Kolomitz at [email protected] or 928-288-8142

6. If you need overrides or unlocks please contact Mr. C at [email protected] or at 928-288-8136. 
           *you can view your grade and progress at any time in Edgenuity
           **please note, every student must earn a 60% or better on each unit, or you will be required to redo the failed unit, until passed



* If you are struggling with a topic or subject please contact me using my email [email protected]. And I can set up a time with you where I may be able to help you.