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Hello and welcome to Anatomy and Physiology!
We are lucky enough to be able to complete dissections throughout the school year. We will complete a dissection on frogs, fetal pigs, and various sheep specimens. Here are the basic lab and safety rules for the classroom:
1. Act responsibly in the science classroom / lab. Never fool around in lab.
2. Follow all written and verbal instructions carefully. Ask your teacher if you do not understand.
3. Never work alone. Your teacher must be present during labs.
4. Do not touch equipment or chemicals in the lab until your teacher gives instructions.
5. Do not eat, drink or chew gum in the science classroom / lab.
6. Do not drink from lab containers.
7. Wear your safety glasses when instructed to do so by your teacher.
8. Keep your work area clean and tidy.
9. Keep aisles clear. Push your chair under the desk when not in use.
10. Know how to use and where to find all safety equipment including the first aid kit, eyewash station, safety shower,
fire extinguisher, and fire blanket.
11. Know where the fire alarm and the exits are located.
12. Handle all living or once living organisms used in a laboratory activity in a humane manner. Preserved biological
materials are to be treated with respect and disposed of properly.
13. Dress properly during a laboratory activity. 
  • Long hair, dangling jewelry, and loose or baggy clothing are a hazard in the laboratory. Long hair must be tied back and dangling jewelry and loose or baggy clothing must be secured. Shoes must completely cover the foot. No sandals allowed. Lab aprons have been provided for your use and should be worn during laboratory activities.
Welcome to Earth and Space Science! 
This year, we will give you a broad general understanding of the fundamental principles of Earth and Space Science and extension of understanding in certain areas.  During this school year, we will complete the following units of study: